Metal Free Implants

Why teeth IMPLANTS?

Teeth OR dental implants are one of the best advancements that modern dentistry has to offer. Implants allow us to replace missing teeth, anchor partial removable dentures, or even allow a person who is wearing complete dentures or is faced with wearing complete dentures to have a complete fixed dentition just like their own natural teeth before they were lost.

When both tooth and root are damaged beyond repair, the best permanent replacement is a single-tooth implant: a single unit combined of dental implant with a porcelain crown.

Dental implants can be the best solution for a person wearing complete dentures. As few as two implants may be placed and either a new denture fabricated or the existing denture retrofitted to attach to the implants. This allows a greater degree of stability and retention than ever possible with traditional dentures.

Depending on your situation, implant dentistry can be accomplished in 3 to 4 visits over the course of 3 to 8 months. More complicated case takes longer. Under the proper circumstances, a tooth can be fitted on the same day when the implant is placed. Dental implants look and feel so natural, you may forget you ever lost a tooth. Premium implants achieve a survival rate of over 98% and excellent long-term results – they can last a lifetime. The number of complications related with the procedure itself is minimal.

Alternative choices to implant surgery include: fixed bridges after teeth preparation, removable partial dentures or complete dentures.

Why METAL-FREE implants?
  • Metal-free Zirconium implants restorative margin is at gum level and therefore more easy to maintain it clean.
  • Significantly less plaque forms on zirconium surface. This reduces the risk of peri-implantitis, cardiovascular disease and stroke.
  • The gingiva deposits very well on zirconium and thus provides very good red-white aesthetics even in very thin gums cases. Through the white material – very similar to the natural tooth – no gray rings or shadows are visible even with thin or receding gums.
  • Zirconium oxide ceramics are extremely biocompatible and do not irritate the immune system. There are no known incompatibilities or allergies to this material.