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Excellent!! I have a serious fear of dentists – but would have no problem going back to see dentist Vaidas and his team. He put me completely at ease and went through my procedure step by step, so I knew exactly what was happening. It was totally painless and stress free for me.

My latest dental treatment is now complete. I feel so much more confident. I had an implant, 3 crowns and a bridge fitted. Oral surgeon Vaidas and Birute were gentle and thoroughly professional throughout the last few months. I was completely at ease – to the extent that I found myself enjoying the music in the background and wishing I could sing along. Forgetting that I was in the dentist’s chair! All this from someone who couldn’t face a dentist for 30 years.

I would like to express the highest and most sincere gratitude to the oral surgeon doctor Vaidas Varinauskas. Briefly about my situation: it was necessary for one of my wisdom teeth to be pulled out. To me this operation didn’t seem like much, because I though numerous dentists were able to do it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It could only be done by a dentist with clinical status, who can or is able to pull the tooth out. So, I went to the first dentist that crossed my path (of which I did not have any recommendations), who took a long time and was harsh at trying to extract my tooth – and at the end could not pull it out. Then I realized that I can’t be negligible and take it as insignificant. Through comments and recommendations I found out that Vaidas Varinauskas. Dentist Vaidas within 35 minutes (including local anaesthesia and stitching) was able to pull out my wisdom tooth. The operation was carried out professionally, responsibly and without any unnecessary gossip during the operation. Thank you, Doctor Vaidas Varinauskas for the awareness of the situation, responsiveness and professionalism. His personality provides solace, stability and confidence when you are putting your health into the hands of this surgeon. I recommend Doctor Vaidas Varinauskas to all, where a need will occur for oral surgery.

Doctor, I want to thank you for your very thorough and high quality work. I am very happy with my new teeth implants, I feel like they are my actual teeth, just like the ones I had fifteen years ago. I always wore dentures, which fell out of my mouth often, broke, ended up swallowing the glue, I just didn’t feel like a human being physically and psychologically. Now it’s definitely something else, I can smile without any fear. I feel great. And the maintenance is really easy, honestly, when cleaning the implants. Once again, thank you for the fair, thorough job.

With age I began to have teeth and gum problems, resulting in a loss of teeth. I started wearing upper dentures and this has caused a lot of inconvenience. Dentures rubbed and irritated my gums and this caused pain and I lost sense of taste. During the consultation, the doctor suggested to use implants. I assessed the current situation and agreed. After the operation of the upper and lower jaw I had no complications. After my implants successfully healed, doctor did the crowns on top. I didn’t expect such a great result. My artificial teeth are firmly fixed and look natural. The comfort allows me to feel as if I have my own natural teeth. I am grateful to doctor Vaidas Varinauskas for returning my confidence.

Thank you Doctor V.Varinauskas for a successful tooth implant surgery, after which there was no pain. I think he is a very careful and responsible doctor. Furthermore, a pleasant atmosphere and I would recommend dentist V.Varinauskas to others.

I sincerely thank Doctor Vaidas Varinauskas for timely and accurately diagnosing the disease. Being 50 years old and not having any of my own teeth, thanks to dentist Varinauskas, I can confidently smile again and have no complex socializing. Without any fear I can sit at a table full of people, confidently bite an apple, cucumber or even eat nuts. A big thanks to the doctor for his warm, pleasant and very optimistic attitude.

Dear Doctor Vaidas, I am impressed with your skills, knowledge, professionalism and the attention you give to people, who have poor teeth (or for some, who have lost all), to those who have complex issues due to their physical appearance and mental discomfort, they dare to write to you for help. I am pleased that my whole lower jaw dental implantation process did not last long and was painless, and now I can without having any constraints, not think about the appearance of my mouth, smile, socialize and work my favourite job. I feel as if I just grew a new pair of my own teeth. There is no discomfort and no threats inflammation. I am really looking forward to my maxillary teeth transformation at you Clinic. I want other people to know about your professionalism, who like me, have dental discomfort and that would dare to go through with dental implantation procedures. I want to encourage people, that it really isn’t scary, its harmless and not even as painful as pulling out a tooth. Doctors that work here they don’t allow you to feel even the slightest pain. Most sincere thanks for the care, sincere and professional work. I sincerely thank Doctor Vaidas Varinauskas for timely and accurately diagnosing the disease. Being 50 years old and not having any of my own teeth, thanks to dentist Varinauskas, I can confidently smile again and have no complex socializing. Without any fear I can sit at a table full of people, confidently bite an apple, cucumber or even eat nuts. A big thanks to the doctor for his warm, pleasant and very optimistic attitude.

Dear Dentist Vaidas Varinauskas, I sincerely thank you and your team for a professionally performed surgery in your clinic. I was fascinated that the clinic created a cozy homely environment, had very pleasant staff and the quality of the service was excellent. Your professionalism gave extreme sense of security, which is very important when dealing with health. Thank you and good luck in your everyday work!

I was recommended this dentist and I’m so happy now that I went ahead to get my teeth sorted. To be honest I have waited a long time and now finally I will be able to smile with confidence. I’m only starting my transformation have my temporary bridge in and I was able to smile for Christmas. My goal is to be smiling for my wedding in September and thanks to vaidas and his team I will be. I can’t thank them enough and would recommend them to everyone.

An excellent clinic, with very professional and friendly staff. The removal of impacted teeth is a complicated procedure, but I’m happy to say that it was completely painless and quick at MySmile. It was definitely worth the hour’s drive from Dublin!

The best, so needed in Drogheda, definitely go back.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to go to Vaidas dental clinic.. Himself and his staff made me feel so welcome and comfortable.. The work done on my teeth is amazing and very professional through out… Thank you Vaidas.

I was informed a number of years ago that there was an issue with my front teeth – annually I would get them X-rayed to see if we needed to start treatment. In January 2015 my dentist advised I go and have a consultation with a dental surgeon and began to list names – however I knew Vaidas and Arune ran an excellent practice and they were local so I had to bite the bullet so to speak and I made an appointment with them for a consultation. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As most Irish people will confirm, there are very few of us that have not a bad experienced with a dentist. I as very nervous and Vaidas reassured me all would be ok but to tell the truth I didn’t believe his “100% no pain” promise. So I had the consultation and we chatted about options and prices and so the journey began. From my first to my last appointment I can honestly say I felt no pain Vaidas was true to his word “!00% no pain guaranteed”. I have never looked back from the day I started my treatment and I can honestly say I love my smile – I kind of always did but I’m confident now and I’m fully aware that the issue with my front teeth has been fixed. I have since recommended Vaidas and his team to many family and friends and all have been impressed and very happy with the service. I will be back guys – I plan my annual check-up Arune from now on. I can’t thank you both enough.

I had my first visit yesterday and I have to say it was the best dental experience/exam and clean I have ever had ice had bad experiences with other dentist before and here Arune and her assistant made me feel so relaxed And comfortable. Arune was so informative and helpful about oral hygiene. I’ve always been afraid of going to the dentist but not anymore I looking forward to going back. I would recommend to anyone!

I found this clinic on my own, nobody recomended it to me, and now I understand that I’ve made a very good decision, because very responsible and thoughtful staff works in there! I had an operation done here, and I believe that I’ll get my smile back soon! Thank you once more! I strongly recomend to everyone!

Excellent dentist so happy with my teeth thanks to dentist Vaidas and the team definitely recommend this clinic. The staff are so helpful. My treatment was great never felt as comfortable in a dental clinic before pain free Delighted!!

Brilliant staff, new technology, good prices. I had my root canal done – i didn’t feel any pain at all, felt very comfortable: normally I would be very nervous at the dentist. Great job! I would recommend them to anybody. Probably best dentists in the area.

Wonderful people, great specialists, clean and fast job. Absolutely delighted to find this place! Recommend for everybody! Great service and very welcoming atmosphere! Well done, Thank you very much!

I had a big problem with my teeth.. had consulted 2 Dentist both of them told me (I was very upset and sad) that I needed a large oral surgery job.. Today I am very grateful that I listen and accepted Dentist Dr. Vaidas, suggestion and who take care of my big teeth problems and fixed my problems without surgery .. I’m not saying it was easy, because I had a half year where I needed wearing braces, but compared with surgery it’s just a little thing .. I am very thankful to Dentist dr. Vaidas and all his team for the opportunity that I again can smile and not be embarrassed of my teeth .. The job they did was for me an impossible mission but they did amazing results. I have so big respect for how they worked and supported me due the time from day 1 to end result. Even my husband have noticed that I smile much more, I can only find one word for this team: professional. The result surpassed my expectations .. Again, Thanks so much to all the team at the clinic , I will recommend you to everybody , sends greetings and say thank you from my heart!.. You’re awesome!.. Love you!. Best Regards Ineta Zile