Your 1st visit

Your First Visit / What to Expect

  1. You will receive a warm welcome from one of our expert dental team members who will review your medical and dental history in a calm, relaxed environment.
  2. We will examine all your teeth, gums and lips/palate/tongue and take digital panoramic X-ray; clinical photos of your teeth and gums if it is necessary.
  3. You will have the opportunity to discuss any dental problems you may have; we will discuss your teeth cleaning habits and brushing technique.
  4. We will inform you of any further treatment that we may recommend, explain all the options available and provide you with a full estimated treatment plan.
  • We strongly believe that any dental treatment is an investment in health and we pride ourselves in successfully treating dental and gum problems to help our patients achieve a healthy mouth and preventing the loss of own teeth and dental implants. Our patients are benefiting from receiving prompt treatment and proper oral home care support, and are looking forward to keeping their smile for a lifetime.
  • Remember that the success of your dental treatment depends on your interest, participation and commitment.