New patients

New patients

At the Deodental clinic in Drogheda we always welcome new patients. Many patients are referred to us for specialist treatment by their own Dentist – we have referring Dentists across the Louth – Meath and NorthDublin.

We also accept self-referrals from patients. If you need specialist treatment in areas including dental implants, gum treatment, root canal treatment, restorative dentistry, please call us on 041 983 5794 or email us

Whether you have been referred to us by your own Dentist or have chosen to refer yourself, you will be welcomed by our Team and asked to complete a medical history form, so that we know as much about you as possible and are aware of any issues that may affect your treatment.

You will be taken to meet your Dental Specialist, who, after reviewing your medical and dental history, will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, mouth and existing restorations (fillings, crowns, bridges, denture). We also take X-rays as necessary to aid with diagnosis and to check the amount of bone supporting your teeth and dental implants.

Following your examination, your Dental Specialist will discuss your results with you and will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment. This will depend on why you have come to see us, and each patient journey will vary from patient to patient.